• DATE: 12.12.2018
The Köprülü Canyon In Turkey Is Absolutely Worth A Visit

The Köprülü Canyon In Turkey Is Absolutely Worth A Visit

There are plenty of sights and culture on the Turkish Riviera. Many impressive landscapes and ancient sites are just waiting to be explored by you. One of the most popular attractions of the Turkish Riviera is the Köprülü Canyon.

The Advantage Is That You Can Stop Where You Want To Be And Enjoy Nature Simply By Yourself

Here you can marvel at a fascinating landscape with forests, ravines, rivers and much more. Explore the national park on a variety of hiking trails or take part in an exciting rafting tour. The Köprülü Canyon National Park is a part of the impressive beauty of the Turkish Riviera and will simply fascinate you.

A Rafting In This National Park, Which Lies Just Northeast Of Antalya, Is A Pure Experience And One Of The Most Humid Photo Shoots In The World

A rafting on the Köprülü Canyon “River of Bridges”, is part of the visit to the Köprülü Canyon National Park as the wave pool to the beach holiday. Almost everyone who comes here is with you. There are crystal – clear water bubbles to promise. The beauty of the canyon is too gigantic.

The Köprülü Canyon National Park invites you, especially in nice weather, to an excursion area with the rental car or a tour operator of Antalya in about 120 minutes, for hiking the national park. It is very suitable, again and again offers magnificent views. The River Rafting at Köprülü Canyon is an ideal family outing, the water is a real refreshment at the hot temperatures in summer.

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