• DATE: 15.02.2019
The Legend of Fairy Chimneys

The Legend of Fairy Chimneys

The formation of fairy chimneys is a legend just as the example of the story of the fairy chimney told in the region. According to the legend, a young man lives in the village where the fairy chimneys are located. This man works so hard in his youth that he makes grape hangings on the area of fairy chimneys and plants crops in empty fields.

In addition, there are pigeon eggs in the holes in the fairy chimneys and it is getting more and more. The young man lives this way for years. Time goes by and the man gets old. However, the man never stopped working and continued to work and planted his crop ambitiously again. The man who goes to the garden to gather harvest time crops passes out in the area where the fairy chimneys are on the way.

After a while, the old man who comes round wants to get up and go to the garden but he cannot do it and he stays where he is sitting. The old man begins to cry, thinking that if the birds come and harm the crops. According to the legend, at that moment, dozens of fairies come towards the old man from the fairy chimneys.

The fairies with torches in their hands first go to the garden of the old man and collect his crops then they go to the vineyard to gather all the grapes and eggs and lastly they bring them to the man’s hull. Seeing all the work done until dawn one night, the old man could not believe this and he thinks that he is dreaming.

But the old man who realizes he is not dreaming takes his way to the home trying to figure out what is going on. After that, when the old man needs, the fairies come to gather the harvest, the grapes and the eggs of the man and handed it over to the old man. The old man starts to think that this is sent by God as a reward for his hard work in his youth, and he does not tell anyone this secret.

The old man’s work in such a short period of time grabs the reaction of the villagers, and all the villagers begin to wonder how the old man alone is doing so much work. Although the villagers are curious to investigate, according to legend, nobody learns the truth. The fairies help the old man till his death and he does not tell anyone about the secret.


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