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The legendary Cave of Zeus

The legendary Cave of Zeus

For Kuşadası, Zeus Cave, where the definition of “Hidden Paradise” is valid, is also host to mythological stories.If tourism is called when one of the first places that come to mind Dilek Peninsula of Kusadasi and the Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is located at the entrance of the cave, waiting to be discovered by local and foreign tourists.

Information and Story about Cave of Zeus

The cave entrance is hidden and the environment are sitting on top of the mythological story.It can be considered a great loss to leave the region without seeing the cave, which is close to almost all visitors to the National Park.The cave which is located just 8 minutes’ walk from the main street has many different stories.

The first of these; Zeus, known as the god of the sky, and his brother Poseidon, the god of the seas.Every time Zeus irritate his brother,the seas are upside down and he come to this cave and rest.Guzelcamli people swim here in the days when the weather is closed and the sea is wavy,and They recall the memories of Zeus.Another story is that while the meetings of the Ancient Panionion League are being held, the wives of the kings are spending time swimming in this cave.They say they see a clear reflection of the face of Zeus in the water if they carefully look into the cave.The mythological weather and profound effect in the cave will allow visitors to enter.

It has a depth of approximately 10-15 meters and the water temperature of the four seasons of the cave is 5 degrees.The cave is cool in summer and warm in winter.The water in the cave is said to have a beautifying effect especially on the skin of the ladies.The mud that can be removed by diving into the water at least 4 meters deep is laid on the skin and then it is expected to be fully formed and then cleaned again with the water in the cave.According to this view, the reason for the queens coming to this region for swimming from the mythological stories can be explained.

Influenced from the salty water from the fresh water from the sea and mountains with blue and green colors and gained a taste of mineral water.In winter, especially the people of the region.In the winter, especially the people of the region have healing effects in the mud extracted from the bottom of the cave, which has been flooded by local and foreign tourists.There is no entrance fee for visitors to the cave.

It is necessary to make a short climb on the last level of the entrance of the cave about 150 meters away and a small landing just behind it at the entrance of Büyük Menderes Delta National Park on the slope of Kuşadası’s Dilek peninsula.

The entrance, which has a slippery slope, will have difficult times for visitors in the first place, but then the first landscape will be fascinated.Zeus Cave, an ideal option for those who want to take a short break from life, is not only a hot spot but also a must see for those who want to escape in the strut…

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