• DATE: 22.02.2019
The most beautiful lake in the east is Tortum Lake

The most beautiful lake in the east is Tortum Lake

If you are passionate about nature, you want to go and discover the tortum lake like us. We will share with you the information about where the Tortum lake is, how to get there, and the trip we have made. If you go Erzurum, you should visit Uzundere district. There are nature beatuy like Tortum waterfall.  

This beatiful  place which is located Erzurum boundaries is one of the most important natural beauties of Eastern Anatolia.Tortum Lake, which takes its name from the Tortum district,is far away  35 km from the city center.

Another factor that makes this place special is undoubtedly the Tortum waterfall. Tortum lake and Tortum waterfall which have high flow rate and unique image waiting to their visitors will experience to you an unforgettable trip. You can be sure.

Also,there is a bird’s paradise in the southern part of the country where 4 types of birds are located in our country. And culture fishery is also made using the cage method.

In summer and autumn there are a lot of people coming to see here from the environment.It is sometimes held in festivals near the lake.This is where the lovers of nature and picnicking are frequented. If you have the opportunity, we recommend you to visit here in the winter months, not just in the summer months.

Tortum Lake Accommodation Facilities  

Those who want to stay in this region for a few days have accommodation in hotels and pensions in Uzundere. The main accommodation areas in Uzundere are:

Rıza Hostel  (0505 801 28 90)

Gümüşcü Hotel (0442 792 21 42)

Nature Hostel  (0442 791 32 99)

İbrahim Doğan Hostel (0442 243 37 81)

İskele Kamping (0532 704 57 70) (Balıklı Village)

Where is the Tortum Lake and How to go there ?  

How to go Uzundere minibuses departing from the Erzurum Eastern District Garage regularly make trips to the region. If you want to go with your own vehicle ,Using the D950 Highway, you can use Erzurum – Tortum – Uzundere – Tortum Lake direction.


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