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The Most Famous Streets of Istanbul

The Most Famous Streets of Istanbul

The most famous streets of Istanbul are waiting to be discovered with their historical buildings, cafes, restaurants and many other beauties.

1-Istiklal Avenue

Istiklal Avenue is the most famous street of the European side. It is the center of culture and fun. The most famous and visited streets are Nevizade and Asmalimescit. Historical buildings such as Galatasaray High School, Saint Antoine Church, Galata Mevlevihane, Galatasaray Bath and Çiçek Pasaji add a different atmosphere to the street. This is the castle of Galatasaray supporters.


2-Baghdad Avenue

baghdad avenue
baghdad avenue

You can also call it Street. This street stretching from Kızıltoprak to Maltepe is famous for its luxurious shopping malls, distinguished restaurants and entertainment centers. Celebrations are organized every October 29th on the occasion of the Republic Day. This is the Fenerbahçe team supporter’s castle.


3-Nispetiye Avenue

It is also a street that draws attention with its amusing life in luxury stores, cafes and restaurants. It’s a place for socializing. Nightlife is bright and different here.


4-Abdi İpekçi Avenue

The street name from Maçka to Nişantaşı is taken from the journalist Abdi İpekçi who was killed there in 1979. Luxury shopping and brands are the first choices. Milli Reasürans Bazaar and Maçka Hotel are the most known places to meet people from all age groups. Harbiye, Beşiktaş and Şişli have close connections and easy access thanks to the metro connection.

5-Cevdet Paşa Avenue

Cevdet Paşa Avenue
Cevdet Paşa Avenue

The street parallel to the sea between Aşiyan and Akıntıburnu. There are different options from breakfast to dinner in the places on the street that offer a constantly moving life day and night. It is a place of celebrities. Bebek Park next to the Bosphorus is the main activity area of ​​the city.

6-Maçka Avenue

macka avunea
macka avenue

From Beşiktaş towards Nişantaşı, the steep and cobblestone pavement makes a large part of the slope of Maçka Street. Maçka Park and İTU are coming out of Maçka Campus the building that is metaphorically a heart of history. Park is a frequent destination for young people. Whether the subject is sports, open-air yoga or a picnic, the Macka Park is one of the best addresses for all.


7-Divanyolu Avenue

divan avunea
divanyolu avunea

The street between Sultanahmet Square and Beyazıt Square is also known as the tramway. With the historical buildings, touristic shops and the natural beauties, as well as the Cemberlitas column on the street where local and foreign tourists are quite frequent, Divanyolu Avenue has become the symbol of the Sultan.


valikonagı avunea
valikonagı avunea

8- Valikonağı Avenue

Abdi İpekçi and the street intersecting the Teşvikiye street still maintain the elegance and beauty of today with the historical buildings. It is a preferred place for shopping in the city with its restaurants and shops of world brands and for entertainment life at night.

9- Ordu Avenue

ordu avunea
ordu avunea

The most important structures in Ordu Street which houses one of the most important tram lines of Istanbul is undoubtedly Istanbul University and the 3rd Selim Tomb. The street is also home to many textile companies.


10-Osmanbey Avenue

One of the busiest streets of Istanbul is called Osmanbey Caddesi. The street has been opened to the world market by hosting many activities and organizations. Finally, during the ShoppingFest, a lot of brands have introduced their products here.

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