• DATE: 12.12.2018
The Museum Of Halicarnassus At The Back Alleys Of Bodrum

The Museum Of Halicarnassus At The Back Alleys Of Bodrum

Bodrum on the Turkish Aegean coast, counts as the Jetset. There are no more than three kilometres of crow flies between the Turkish Bodrum and the Greek island Kos. This is an aspiring city that wants to commit itself to quality tourism.

The Museum Was One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World

Halicarnassus, Bodrum’s most famous disco shed, named after the museum of the same name, also known as the ancient city of Bodrum, which can still be visited today and narrated by the town’s changing history.

Built from 368 to 350 before Christ, King Mausolos thus erected a gigantic tomb of about 50 meters in height. It was destroyed by an earthquake and curse of history-irreverent Greeks. The Knights of Rhodes did not seem to care about the temple. They used the stones for the construction of the castle in the harbour.

Bodrum’s tourism industry may have forgiven you in this case, but the Knights with the most three movements created the postcard motif of the city.

The Museum of Halicarnassus, known in ancient times as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is located in a side street Bodrum.

The Museum Nowadays

The Museum of Mouse Mausoleum, to be seen today in Bodrum, was built there, with the financial help of Prof. Dr. Kristian Jeppesen, and opened 1982 for visitor traffic. Thanks to the excavations carried out under his direction in 1966 – 72, important archaeological findings were made.

In the covered part of the museum are all the finds, Mausolos and its time, arranged according to scientific knowledge. In the semi – open part there is a plaster imprint of the Amazon frieze located in the British Museum. It also exhibits important finds from an architectural point of view.

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