• DATE: 15.02.2019
The Natural Beauty And A Rare Touristic Destination Uzungöl – Trabzon

The Natural Beauty And A Rare Touristic Destination Uzungöl – Trabzon

Trabzon (Turkey) is the capital of the eastern Black Sea region of nature. Although small in terms of area, is the case of the most advanced 2 province of the Black Sea region. The city where the green and blue pictures of the rarest announced the names in the world is a very important tourism region in this regard.

Uzungöl Attracts Local And Foreign Tourism With Its Natural Beauty And Frequent Forests

Uzungöl, which is connected to Çaykara district of Trabzon, is one of the rare touristic destinations with its magnificent green. It is about 100 km from Trabzon. Tourism is the major economic activity of the resort. The more wooden buildings, which are ranked along the lake, offer accommodation during the summer season, while others are all year – round. Uzungöl is a lake that is formed by closing the front of the creek, falling from the cliffs to the creek.

Uzungöl Mosque

Promotion of Trabzon is at the top of the listed posts. The Uzungöl while you take the panoramic picture along with the nature building is a landmark of the region. A destination that integrates the structure of the mosque and fragrant environment is actually worth it.

Uzungöl, which is the favorite Tourism center of the eastern Black Sea with its unique natural beauties, is flooded with domestic and foreign tourists. The lake, which has a wide area, is home to trout and carp. Around the area are the mountains of Holdizon, pedestrian walking areas and wildlife , which can be watched in the wild nature conditions.

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