The Sumptuous Interiors Of The Selimiye Mosque

The Selimiye Mosque in the Turkish city of Edirne is considered to be the masterpiece of the eminent architect Sinan and the culmination of Ottoman architecture. The master architecture continues in its interior in the skillfully arranged light intakes, magnificent decorations and masterfully crafted marble works of art.

The magnificent Selimiye Mosque is located in the European part of Turkey in the former Ottoman capital of Edirne. Sultan Selim II gave the order for its erection in the 16th century.


The Selimiye Mosque, also known as Sultansmosque, was built by the well-known architect Sinan, who had also built the wonderful Suleyman mosque in Istanbul. Today it is considered the culmination of Ottoman architecture and has been named in Unesco World Heritage Site in 2011.

Importance Of Edirne

In the city of Edirne it is the most monumental and important building in the city. Their four 71m high minarets are visible from a distance and the roofs of Edirne are many times higher. Many admirers believe that Sinan has surpassed himself in the composition of this silhouette of domes, stained glass windows and piled arches, framed by the majestic minarets.

Not only their outward appearance, but also the decoration and decorations in their interior are regarded as masterpieces. The inner side of the dome is decorated with special calligraphy and ornaments, the processing of the marble pulpit testifies to the incomparable craftsmanship of the builder, also the washing fountain in the middle of the auditorium is a very special feat of marble.

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