• DATE: 17.01.2019
The Taksim Square In İstanbul – The Historical And Environmental Overview

The Taksim Square In İstanbul – The Historical And Environmental Overview

As soon as the sun goes down, the nightlife in the heart of the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul pulsates. The party scene in Taksim has a rhythm that is unique. Just on the famous approximately three kilometre long shopping street ‘Istiklal Caddesi’ in Taksim are many cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants, taverns and pubs  close to each other. The Istiklal, as it is called by the locals, ranges from Tünel Square to Taksim Square and has been a pedestrian zone for many years. Until late in the evening, they are shopping, eating and drinking facilities. Hundreds of people rush to the shopping mall every day.
At night it seems to be thousands, music is heard everywhere. The restaurants have spicy fragrances and mingle with the Istanbul Sea breeze that blows across the Bosphorus.

Meeting Point Of Istanbul

With its narrow and winding lanes, Taksim combines individual party hotspots that leave the Istiklal. This includes besides Nevizade the Asmali Mescit and Kücük Beyoglu. This is where students, intellectuals and artists meet. Dark staircases will take you to the upper floors of partially rundown buildings.

About Historically

Historically, we find the impressive gateway to the Galatasaray school and the historic tram that commutes through the commercial road between Tünel Square and Taksim Square.Not far away is the largest Catholic church in Istanbul. High arcades form the entrance to the forecourt of the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, with red bricks in the neo – Gothic style.A central location is Taksim Square at the end of the broad Istiklal – Caddesi, where the people’s streams divide in different directions. In the middle, the “Monument of the Republic” reminds Atatürk and other personalities from the founding period of the Turkish Republic.


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