• DATE: 22.02.2019
The Tuz Gölü Is An Impressive Salt Lake With Its Different Shades

The Tuz Gölü Is An Impressive Salt Lake With Its Different Shades

The large salt Lake “Tuz Lake” in Central Anatolia lies at 905 meters above sea level, is about one to two meters deep and has a total area of about 1500 square kilometers.

A Glaring White Surface Stands Out From The Blue Horizon

At the edges you can see the salt crystals glistening. The ground on the shore, where some algae have deposited, is easily swampy, but at least accessible at the edge. In the semicircle around the shore, some thistle plants are located at an irregular distance of about one metre on the ground.

The Tuz lake has no drain. In the summer months the lake dries up to a large extent and a crystalline layer of salt is created on the surface. Depending on the incidence of light, the lake shimmers in different shades.

A Natural Spectacle That Repeats Regularly In The Highlands Of Central Turkey

From about May, the Salt Lake  suddenly looks red instead of blue – and takes care of spectacular pictures every year. The Tuz Lake is the second largest lake in Turkey and is one of the saltiest lakes in the world with a salinity of up to 37 percent.

In the summer months a crystalline layer of salt is created. There are three salt mining factories on the lake. 70% of Turkey’s consumed salt comes from here. Depending on the angle of the incident light, the surface of the lake can take different colors. In recent years there has been a project to store natural gas under the Salt Lake.

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