• DATE: 14.12.2018
The Underwater Museum In Antalya – Side

The Underwater Museum In Antalya – Side

Art lovers have been in a new point of contact in Turkey for some time. In Side, you can admire 110 sculptures on five different themes. What is special: they are not in a conventional museum, but are underwater. The plant is considered unique in Turkey and Europe.

The Underwater Museum

Since summer 2015, the underwater museum has opened in Side on its gates. It was built in only nine months in cooperation with the local branch of the Lake Chamber and the Foundation for the promotion of the Western Mediterranean region, which would thus present the richness of the Anatolian civilisation in eleven to twenty meters depth.

Involved In Diving Tourism

In the sea in Side, the Lake Chamber establishes an underwater museum

. According to the experts, the potential is immense. There are three million tourists around the world who are actively involved in diving tourism. There is also a growing interest in Turkey. With its own plant a nautical mile in front of Side in the first years to attract around 500,000 holidaymakers annually.

Distribution Of Scuba Diving In Turkey

A nautical mile from the shore is currently sunk over a hundred sculptures in the water. They show Poseidon in this temple, dancing Dervishes, a camel caravan and a flower garden. Half a year has been worked on the figures, now twenty divers needed a week to bring the museum pieces into the water. The tons of heavy objects are also visible for divers who dare to venture into the depths around 20 meters.

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