• DATE: 10.12.2018
Three of the Best Stag Destinations in the World

Three of the Best Stag Destinations in the World

Last night of freedom or the perfect excuse for a dream lad’s weekend away, however you view it, you will want to make the most of your stag weekend. Whether you’re planning one for pals or picking out your ideal destination ahead of your own wedding, here are three destinations where all your dreams can come true…

Las Vegas
It’s almost as if this city was built to host stag parties – or bachelor parties as they may be known over there. It is not without good reason that this desert oasis is known as Sin City; glamourous casinos, even more glamourous girls, incredible sights on every corner and the chance to get waited on like nowhere else in the world. Whether you want to try and win your fortune at the poker tables, catch a boxing match at the MGM Grand, dine out at luxurious restaurants, party the night away at decadent nightclubs or simply soak in the mesmeric surroundings, you can do all of it and more in the city where time stands still. For more relaxing pursuits, world class golf courses are within easy reach or sightseeing tours can take you deep into the Nevada desert. Adrenalin junkies are well catered for too, try kayaking through the Grand Canyon or skydiving over the desert.

Three of the Best Stag Destinations in the World

Amsterdam’s unique charms have been well documented, but even if you’re not jetting off in search of the ‘special’ cafes, then you’ll still enjoy soaking up the chilled out vibe and laid back lifestyle that pervades the city. The infamous red light district is another magnet for stag parties and decadent entertainment will not be hard to find, but the area is as much a tourist attraction for curious passers-by as it is a den of iniquity. Still, however you want to enjoy your final fling, it’s fair to say it can be accommodated in Amsterdam. Girls and ganja aside, Amsterdam has plenty more to offer; picturesque 17th century streets, calming canals, a vibrant arts and cultural scene and buzzing nightlife.

Germany is not short of thrilling destinations and Munich leads the way, with the free-flowing beer making it perfect for a boozy break. The picturesque Bavarian streets lend a flavour of culture to your trip, but it is the cavernous beer halls, drinking songs and busty, blonde barmaids which prove the biggest attraction for most stags. If you’re lucky enough to make it over during Oktoberfest then your weekend will virtually take care of itself, but at any time of year there is plenty more besides the beer to keep you entertained, from world class football at the home of Bayern Munich to eclectic nightclubs, hearty food to line your stomach and Bavarian saunas and steam rooms to help you sweat out that hangover to send you back to your bride-to-be feeling reinvigorated. You didn’t forget about your bride-to-be, did you?

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