• DATE: 19.01.2019
Tourist’s Paradise in Maldives

Tourist’s Paradise in Maldives

Maldives is a tourist paradise, located in the Indian Ocean is the smallest country in the world and is threatened by global warming and rising sea levels. Maldives is a collection of live coral islands with live Sea Life, clean beaches, lagoons full of color and plenty of hot sun. People here are friendly and peaceful as usual spread Islamic greeting-Salaam Aalaikum for visitors to the Maldives is a passionate desire for peace and well-illustrated in this room sky Indian Ocean. On holiday in the Maldives will look like tourists to release some of the most exciting and awe-inspiring feeling in their lives in an environment that offers peace and beauty of the words.

Located in the Indian Ocean, Maldives consists of 1190 islands spread 90, 000 square kilometers beautiful Indian Ocean. Collection contains 26 natural coral islands, which are located directly on the equator with a population of only about 300,000 people on 200 inhabited islands. Significant formation of coral islands in the archipelago 2,000 km stretch of Indian Ocean gemstones is limited to strong wind and wave action, the atoll formation. Since Maldives is located in the equatorial belt of islands are protected from all the hard cyclones.

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