• DATE: 17.01.2019
Turkey – A Country That Surprises Us Time To Time With Its Diversity

Turkey – A Country That Surprises Us Time To Time With Its Diversity

Turkey captivates with its magic from the Orient and has developed into the most popular holiday region in the eastern Mediterranean in recent years. Blue water around secluded bays, you experience a blue voyage with a gulet. Here you can find our riviera offers for Turkey.

By the way, the proposals are not insider tips and are intended to serve Turkey newbies as inspiration before the first voyage.  Now read here why it is sometimes worthwhile to travel on beaten paths.

The Mediterranean Coast

The coastal sections east and west of Antalya are among the most popular destinations for holidaymakers. Although a well – known seaside resort is located next to the other, everything seems relatively wide and with few exceptions hardly crowded. As beautiful as the turquoise blue sea is, the Lycian coast has so much more to offer than just beaches. In Phaselis, for example, there is a historic town with amphitheatres and bath houses directly on the sea.

Istanbul And The Bosphorus

Even if there are direct flights from the European countries to the different holiday regions, there is a great chance that you will enter the country via Istanbul. And then you should take a day or two to discover the dream City on the Bosphorus. Particularly attractive is the historic centre with the famous Hagia Sofia, the exciting Topkapı Palace and the beautiful Blue Mosque. The centre offers many pretty little cafes where you can
relax after a busy day of sightseeing with a tea or a water pipe.


If you can only visit a single place in Turkey, you should choose Cappadocia. In the narrow valleys, which lead through a petrified houses, you can go hiking, cycling or riding. The view from a hot-air balloon is also popular. However, it is particularly exciting to see how people have subjected the unreal lunar landscape in central Anatolia to their needs.

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