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Turkey Cappadocia land of fairy chimneys

Turkey Cappadocia land of fairy chimneys

Fairy chests are one of the most beautiful residential areas in the world. Thousands of people come to Cappadocia every year to see this natural formation.Many people from various parts of the world come to these world-famous historical beauties and researches about fairy chimneys.

Information about Fairy Chimneys and History

Fairy chests are formed by the formation of hat shapes on conical bodies due to various reasons.The most important part of this visual beauty is the appearance of this hat.These hat shapes are made of harder material than the soil type of the land structure.This is why it protects the cone-shaped structure under the shape of the hat and prevents it from dispersing.

The body parts of the fairy chimneys are composed of tuffite, volcanic ash and tufts, while hat-shaped ones on the top of the body are made of hard rocks such as ignimbrite and rape.Due to the hard and durable rock formation of the hat part, it is applied to the lower part and thus prevents the wear of the body parts of fairy chimneys against the wind.On this count, the life of the fairy chimneys is prolonged. In addition, the tuff in the body part of the fairy chimneys prevents erosion in the environment prevents damage to the fairy chalks.

Fairy chimneys were formed centuries ago by the erosion of the religious houses which  they built in the third century so that Christians could perform their worship comfortably. Therefore, it is known that these historical buildings are the worship places built in the 3rd century.Considering that many tribes and empires dominate the region,there are dozens of different states in the formation of fairy chimneys and their staying to the present day.

The Cappadocia region where the fairy chimneys are located is a region where active volcanoes existed millions of years ago and these volcanoes explode from time to time.Lavas and ashes erupted into the region as a result of the active volcanoes erciyes, Hasandağı and Güllüdağ which are located in the region 60 million years ago.These ashes and lavas were mixed into the soil structure of the region.After these lavas were turned off, the rivers in the region eroded rocks and formed deep valleys.

The strong winds from the valleys eroded the structures that formed in the region over time and prepared the ground for the formation of the fairy chimneys.Later, millions of years later in the region, people have built various buildings together with the human life.Among these constructions are houses of Christians and worship places. These structures have been eroded over time due to heavy rain, wind and storms.And the fairy chimneys are beginning to form.However, the formation of the fairy chimneys has not been an instant. These structures have taken thousands of years to form.Indeed, the lack of vegetation in the area contributed to the formation of fairy chimneys.

One of the most important features of the fairy chimneys is that the lava and hard basalts in the region are eroded by rain and storm.In this sense, fairy chests are one of the world’s most valuable historical artifacts formed by natural means.The size of the fairy chests varies.It is also possible to see the fairy square which is 1 meter and it is possible to see which is 15 meter.The figures, which are smaller than 1 meter in the region, are not called fairy chairs even though they consist of body and hat.


Where and how to go to Fairy Chimneys?


The fairy chimneys are located in the Cappadocia district of Nevşehir. Nevşehir center and Cappadocia are 7 km away. In fact, there are fairy chimneys in many regions of Nevşehir.But most often and the oldest fairy chimneys are found in Cappadocia.Because of this, thousands of people come to the region every year from the country and from abroad and they  take  souvenir photos and do a review with these unique constructions.

People can choose many ways to come to Cappadocia.By air, people arriving at the Nevşehir airport can reach the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia after 15-20 minutes with the commercial taxis.Otherwise, those who want to come to Cappadocia from provinces and districts that do not have direct flights to Nevsehir should come to Kayseri airport.Those arriving at Kayseri airport can easily find a commercial taxi and go to Cappadocia in about 1 hour.There are two options in front of those who want to come to Cappadocia by road. The first is the option of reaching by public transport buses.

Travel from almost every province of Turkey directly to Cappadocia is arranged.You can get to see the fairy chimneys by taking these long buses.Although this route takes some time, it is economically the best route.Otherwise, if the people coming to Cappadocia by personal vehicles  come from Istanbul and its environments, they can reach to Cappadocia in the shortest way by following Kırıkkale – Kırşehir and Nevşehir roads as soon as they enter Ankara road.

Those who want to come to the region to see the fairy chairs from other regions should come to Kayseri by the shortest route.People who come to Kayseri can follow the signs of Nevşehir and reach Cappadocia after traveling for about 100 km.Those who want to come to the region with public transportation vehicles from Kayseri and the surrounding area can explore these unique things by coming to Cappadocia in a more reliable and economical way by participating in long trip companies and sightseeing tours organized by various organizations.Those who want to come to the region from abroad should first come to Kayseri airport and then continue to transportation by land.

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