• DATE: 10.12.2018
Turkey Dalyan Turtle Iztuzu beach

Turkey Dalyan Turtle Iztuzu beach

Turkey Dalyan Turtle Iztuzu beach

Iztuzu beach, which is very close to Dalyan, has a length of 4.5 kilometers. It is
also called turtle beach because it is in the area where Caretta Caretta turtles
leave their eggs.

Although it is a place where we enter the sea comfortably, the
areas where the eggs are marked and the beach is closed to the public between
8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. in order not to hurt the eggs. It is prohibited hereby to
make noise and light during these hours. You can enjoy an immaculate sea on
the beach of Iztuzu which is situated among the places where you can go to sea
in Dalyan with its natural beauty.

The beach, which has been awarded the second beach to protect its nature in the
world, is a wonderful nature. It is said that this is a unique beach one side of
which is fresh water and the other side is the Mediterranean. It is known that
Iztuzu is a harbor used by Kaunos in ancient times. An inscription in Iztuzu tells
that in ancient times this place was a customs gate through which the Kaunos
were selling slaves, salt, and salt fish.

Another surprise waiting for you at the beach is the amazing harmony of the sea
and the beach. The image formed by the effect of the sea can be a proof that
creativity in nature is limitless. The length of the beach is about 5400 meters and
it is not allowed to be built at all outside the changing cabins. In addition, it is
totally prohibited to bring pets such as cats, dogs not to jeopardize the eggs of
Caretta Caretta turtles. It is also forbidden to place umbrellas in marked places.

Iztuzu Beach Entrance Fee
If you come to Iztuzu beach with your car, you only need to pay 5 TL parking
fee. Moreover, Iztuzu beach does not have accommodation facilities such as
pension, hotel or motel. The nearest accommodation is located in Dalyan, 12
kilometers away.

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Where and how to get İztuzu Beach?
Iztuzu Beach is located in the municipality of Ortaca in Mugla. Iztuzu beach can
be reached in two ways. Dalyan Iztuzu beach is approximately 12 kilometers
with your car. You arrive after a pleasant 35 to 40-minute journey with the boat
from Dalyan dock. The second way is the minibuses departing from the Dalyan
post office. Sulungur lake is very enjoyable in this journey which goes through
the pine trees. But if you are going to ask us, you should choose the boat. Both
the beach arrived point is beautiful and the journey to the boat with Iztuzu
becomes much more enjoyable. You will be fascinated when you are walking on
the sand of this tremendous beach.


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