• DATE: 22.02.2019
Turkey Dead Sea

Turkey Dead Sea

The road from Fethiye to Dead Sea through the pines is 14 km.At the end of a steep descent, you will suddenly come up with a great blue. This is Fethiye Bay.When you walk through the sandy beach, you will see the unique Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is magical, so it stays motionless. There is not even a single algae on its bottom, it is covered with a white sand.In the water and in the grove, the light that breaks down gives a turquoise color.The shadow of the pines falls to the Dead Sea and enriches this impressive turquoise.


Fethiye name is also based on a legend. In the old days,the ships passing through here  went to shore with a sandal to get open anchors and drinking water.One day a young, handsome son of an old captain saw the beautiful Belcekiz when he came out to get water.

As soon as he saw, he fell in love. Fire fell on girl’s heart. But the young man had to take the water and return.The ship went away. Fethiye was always on the coast, watching his love. The young man also came to take water every time when he passed the gardens. So they met, they made love.

One day the storm burst as the ship passes by. The young man told his father that it was a sheltered, pool-like bay. The old man knew his son’s heartfelt adventure. He supposed that his son  had torn the ship for see his love. The fight grew with the waves between father and son. While the ship will strike the rocks, the captain throws his son into the sea with a shovel, he kept the helm and saw the situation.

Sea turned like a bed sheet and entered to bay. The boy died there. Fethiye who was waiting her love on the rocks threw herself on the rocks and died.Since then, Belcekız is the place where the girl died and Dead Sea is the place where the boy died. According to the progress of the day, the sea changing color maybe burning for a boy and for a girl.

In Dead Sea Kumburnu, 950 hectares area was declared as Kıdrak Natural Park and protected. This area, which includes dead sea Lagoon and Kıdrak Beach, is also the SIT region and in the area of special environmental protection. There is also water sports on the beach.

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