• DATE: 15.02.2019
Turkey Travel Short Film

Turkey Travel Short Film

Turkey Travel Short Film Turkey User Comments
great hitory, great culture, great hospitality, amazing foods..!!! I love Turkish People 🙂 Just come back from Turkey bodrum 5 days ago me and hubby love the place. beautiful people.beautiful country just can’t get enough. back again in 2 weeks.

Turkey and Turkish people are absolutely beautiful.. Istanbul is so romantic.

I was there a few months back and i felt as if i have left my heart there…. what an amazing country. Greetings from Pakistan.

dammit, it has been too long that i haven’t visit turkey, i’m always like ”mommy why can’t we visit other countrys”, but there’s just something about this country that makes it feel like a second home

nice video! Turkey looks more beautiful than i thought . Now i’m curious about turkey

Thanks for sharing. This is a magical video, showcasing a magical place travel.

videos like this make my travelbug go crazy.. natgeo, …. why are you doing this to meee! THIS is beautiful..

Beautiful land stolen from the Greeks! The Turks are Tyrants!

I live in Turkey and in the video some places in footage is taken from our poor villages. They didn’t show you the true beauty of Turkey. Come see yourself or look at google images. Nat geo did it on purpose.

awesome … can imagine how much work that took. enjoyed every Minute of it. btw i made an Video by myself. would be cool if some take a look. if not stay happy  travel my friends. LOVE

Napoleon Bonaparte once said “If the Earth were a single state, travel Istanbul would be its capital”

Wonder when you people gonna give up from using desert and camels and arabic music to introduce Turkey. There is only one thing to do before you come. Just keep in your minds we are not arabs we have no deserts and camels we have no arabic music culture.. We are Turks not Arabs travel

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  1. very nice turkey travel short filim very very very nice dead sea hagia sophia beatiful turkey love

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