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Turkish Bath Culture and Famous Baths in Turkey

Turkish Bath Culture and Famous Baths in Turkey

We listed the most visited baths for you to get rid of the stress of life, enjoy and relax. If you cannot decide which Turkish bath you want to go to, this article will help you choose the best one for your interest.



Brief History of Turkish bath Culture

This culture dates back to ancient Roman times. Places designed for washing with hot and cold water and with a special arrangement are important structures of the Ottoman period. It is known that every sultan built a bath in ancient times. The most important baths known in the Ottoman period are the works of Mimar Sinan, who left important structures to Turkish architecture. It is known that in the seventeenth century, only 168 large baths were built in Istanbul. The most important tradition of our bath culture is the practice of massages and foam massage in the bath ritual. This ritual is an application for loosening, relieving, and cleansing the body.






 Hagia Sophia Hurrem Sultan Bath (Haseki Bath)

The Haseki Hurrem Sultan Bath, located on the Historical Peninsula was named after Hurrem Sultan, the wife of Kanuni Sultan Suleiman who the famous Ottoman sultan of his time and built in the 16th century by Mimar Sinan. The bath situated right in the middle of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Museum consists of 3 parts; coldness, tepidity and warmth.

Address: Cankurtaran Mahallesi, Hagia Sophia Square No: 2, 34122 Fatih / Istanbul

Phone: 0212 517 35 35

Entrance Fee: 55 Euros including Pouch and Foam Massage. Women and men are served separately. Available between 08:00 am and 10:00 pm.

Cagaloglu Bath

The Cagaloglu Bath was built in 1741 by the Sultan Mahmud, on the place of old Damat Ibrahim Pasa Palace. As soon as you enter, the historical and architectural structure of this place will fascinate you. However, a restoration work is now necessary for the place.

The bath is also in the New York Times journal’s “1000 Places to See Before Death” list. It is worth noting that this bath is also the last big bath built in the Ottoman period.

Address: Alemdar Mh., Cagaloglu Hamami Sk. No: 34, 34110 Fatih / Istanbul

Phone: 0212 522 24 24

Entry Fee: The entrance fee is 90 liras during the working hours. For those who want to get a massage, the price is 30 Euro



Historic Galatasaray Bath

The Galatasaray Bath, built by Sultan II Bayezid in the desire of “Gul Baba” who was an important Ottoman Sultan for centuries, is one of the most preferred historical baths of our time. The bath used by the sultans, pashas, kadi and grand vizier is an important historical heritage from the past.

Address: Kuloglu Mh., Turnacibasi Cd. No: 8, 34433 Beyoglu / Istanbul

Phone: 0212 252 4242

Entry Fee: 15 Euros / Massage Price: 30 Euros / Massage Oil: 40 Euros

Mihrimah Sultan Bath

According to historical sources, it was built by Mimar Sinan in 1562-1565 in the form of a double bath which is common in the classical period. Mihrimah Sultan’s Bath plays an important role in Turkish bath culture.

Address: Karagumruk Mh, Fevzi Pasa Cad. No: 333, 34091 Edirnekapi / Fatih / Fatih / Istanbul

Phone: 0212 523 04 87

Admission Fee: 7 Euros Massage Included: 13 Euros



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