• DATE: 22.02.2019
Turkish Food Baklava

Turkish Food Baklava

I’m pretty sure the guy offered baklava for no cost :D. A good thing about Turks they are very hospitable.Look so yummy and wish that I cam eat it too. Good luck in your new adventure in the culinary school.
İm a turkish people baklava Too sugary ant fatty . I wonder how Turkish people don’t suffer from diabetes!!
Maybe this shop ist one of the very famous in istanbul but not nearly the best. I try Baklava in many citys and shops in Turkey. Turkish is a beautiful country and Turks too. all this hate because of the Wow amazing trever …amasing …

The baklava we get in europe is mostly classic variety. I wish we could get the pistachio one here. Nice video Mr.Ranger 🙂
you have been to Turkey, yeeeesss , super, hope you enjoyed your time in Turkey. by the way, baklava looks delisious but so sweet to test all at once. hope your stomach was okey after eat all in your plate. well come back in the future.

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