• DATE: 14.12.2018
Turkish Pide (Don’t Call It Turkish Pizza)

Turkish Pide (Don’t Call It Turkish Pizza)

Turkish pizza
There are people who frown upon the raw egg. The egg loses its rawness and comes close to a cooked consistency with the heat inside the pide. So egg is no longer raw. Do not worry!

Pİde looks good most people eats without egg and extra butter but they made it originally for you because in the past people works really hard in where these pide come from the heavy buttery type is come

from blacksea part of turkey they work really hard to get tea leaves from hills so this is nothing for them but its heavy for us city people.if you like it you should definitly try tahini pide but its hard to find in istanbul and its famous on aegean type pide resturants its same thing but they are more on cheese and herbs side.

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