• DATE: 12.12.2018
An unusual place in Istanbul is Basilica  Cistern

An unusual place in Istanbul is Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern is the largest covered cistern in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia is entered from the small building on the west side of the building. In the view of the colonnade, the ceiling of the room is brick-woven, cross-toned.An unusual place in Istanbul is Basilica Cistern



Basilica Cistern located in Istanbul is a big cistern located between Hagia Sophia and Cagaloglu. The cistern built to meet the water needs of the city in antiquity is now offered as a place to visit even if water is present, taking place among historical monuments.

Istanbul, an important city that has been occupied many times during all periods of history, is equipped with water cisterns aimed at meeting the water need of the city with the order of the Byzantine emperors. Built by Emperor Ioustinianos in the 6th century, the cistern provided for the people water need for a long time in the Ottoman period. The water in the cistern was obtained from the Belgrade Forest, which is 19 km away from the Cebeciköy Kemeri.

Tranquility, silence and most importantly, you will feel a little shivering, the cistern is now used as a museum. The other name of Basilica Cistern, which hosts many international and local guests, is “Basalika”. Built in 532, the cistern is the largest covered cistern in Istanbul. Especially the use of old tobacco stones in the construction, today also helps to protect the flashy look. The special mortar coating used for waterproofing is one of the most important features of the cistern.

The cistern, where 7,000 thousand of the insurgents were employed during the construction, was completed in 38 years.

The tears on the columns indicate a slave who died during the construction of a cistern according to a custom. With its excellent atmosphere and special historical texture, the fish is still in the water in the cistern which is still growing.

The Yerebatan Cistern is used as a museum as well as hosts concerts and visual festivals. Those who come to the place keep their wishes by throwing iron money in the cistern.

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