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Van Lake Travel information

Van Lake Travel information

The water of the lake is strongly alkaline since the former outflow of the lake was blocked by the volcano Nemrut Mountain. The Van Lake is fed by rivers and streams from the surrounding mountains, over 4,000 m high. The evaporation of the water alone ensures an almost constant water level.

How many meters high in Van lake?

The Van Lake is the largest one in Turkey. It lies at a height of 1720 m in the middle of mountains. The water gets the lake through the snow melt. In the summer a large part evaporates again. That’s why there’s hardly any life in this gigantic water.



The City Of Van Lies On The Eastern Shore Of The Lake

Van near the Iranian – Turkish border and is the capital of the province of the same name. On the western shore of the lake lies the town of Tatvan, which is connected by a ferry from Van.


Çavuştepe is located on the southeast part of the lake. In Çavuştepe are the remains of the Urartian fortress Sarduris City, built between 764 and 735 BC by King Sarduri II. The fortress is located on the slope of the Bol Mountain, which gave the fortress strategic importance.

turkey-van lake
turkey-van lake

Do you have an Armenian church on Van Lake?

In the southern part of the lake, about 45 km away from Van, near the village of Gefaş, lies the island of Akdamar with a famous example of Armenian sacral art. Akdamar is the second largest island in the Van Lake.

The island is famous mainly for its Armenian church, the Church of the Holy Cross. The church forms the remainder of a city built between 915


What is the rate of salinity in Van Lake?

Salinity, g/kg (‰) Name Type
0.13–31.73 Chilika Lake Lagoon
13–23 Black Sea Mediterranean sea
23 Lake Van Salt lake
12.5 Caspian Sea Inland sea
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