• DATE: 15.02.2019
What kind of place is Sudan

What kind of place is Sudan

There’s no question the Sudanese are some of the kindest, most helpful people on earth. …
You literally cannot go a day here without someone inviting you into their home for tea, buying you lunch or giving you something. …
I’ve met taxi drivers that wouldn’t let me pay, shopkeepers that wouldn’t take any money and today someone even bought my bus ticket and refused to let me reimburse them!

This picture is of a beautiful man who was selling dates in the souk in Karima. I didn’t even ask for the dates, but he called me over, thrust some into my hand and then served me a big bag. Of course, he would not let me pay.

Despite having so little, these people give so much. ‬Theirs is truly a culture in which strangers are welcomed as friends and where, it seems, one’s sense of achievement is derived from helping others.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the phrases ‘welcome to my country’ and ‘you are my guest here’. …
Honestly Sudan has taught me so much about giving freely, expecting nothing in return. …
It’s a lesson I hope I have learnt and that I can keep with me.

Thank you Sudan, this gift is your ultimate act of generosity.

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