• DATE: 17.01.2019
Where Nature Becomes An Event; National Parks In Turkey

Where Nature Becomes An Event; National Parks In Turkey

Visit some of the best national parks in your Turkish trip. Here is a list of two national parks for nature lovers,

Kaz Mountain National Park

There is a silence, as the world held its breath. No bird, no cicada, no hint of the depths of the wilderness. Not even a dry leaf falls down. On the main road to Çanakkale are signs that point to the Kaz – Dağı National Park in Turkish and English. A little further it repeats itself, and then it becomes more and more difficult to find the way into nature. The road torments itself through the narrow village of Zeytinli, then leads more and more steeply up. The olive groves end, instead of theirs, the light pine forest begins. The roadway is now wider and even steeper, the loose gravel surface demands quite daring driving, but it is now the only road in the national park.

Saklıkent National Park

What awaits the visitor there does not suggest the approach from Fethiye. It goes through small towns where easy-to-see signs show the destination. Then, in the parking lot at the entrance, dripping people come from a towering rock face, sit on stones and bonnets and dry in the sun.

Saklıkent is the great refreshment in the hot Aegean summer narrow gorge through which ice – cold water shoots, it comes from  over 3000 meters high mountains all around. The well-attended path leads over a wooden footbridge high above the water, which ends at the point where the gorge widens somewhat.

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