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Why do we prefer  Side, Kemer, Alanya ?

Why do we prefer Side, Kemer, Alanya ?

Why do we prefer Side, Kemer, Alanya ? Local and foreign tourists who prefer Kemer, live both summer
and winter together. After The tourist swim at the moonlight beach,
they enjoy the snowing pleasure at the 2365 meters high.

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Tourists say that ” Kemer is incredible place. We can live the combination of the two seasons.”
One of the major attractions of Kemer, the beauty of nature. Sea, forest and mountains are in the same place. If you prefer to stay in Kemer in this holiday, you are so lucky to face off the nature’s beauty in this summer.

How is Side Holiday in Turkey ?

it is a beautiful resort full of amazing old historic architecture. the people are very welcoming and eager to please you to make sure that all your needs are catered for. Your custom is important to them and they all wotk hard to make sure you enjoy your stay. the weather in august is very hot but lovely, you’ll need masses of sun protection. I’m hoping to go back this summer. If you haven’t been then you should add it to your list of places to visit as it has everything from history to the latest trendy bars. you wont be disappointed.

We have been visiting different resorts all over Turkey for the last couple of years and Side was our recent destination which I can tell you was well worth it. Side has got that wonderful blend of activities and spots for relaxation that most people look for in there holiday. Make sure you visit the amphitheatre which is a huge attraction and also the Temple of Apollo will spark your interest. Obviously as you would expect there is some great beaches to enjoy a relaxing time at.

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Why do we prefer Alanya ?

Distributed to the beauty of nature on earth,

Alanya has lots of them. One of the most beautiful shores of the Mediterranean is Alanya. Kilometers of the coast, usually has lots of sand.In some places the sand is so thin that is not stick to body.The Taurus Mountains are behind the Alanya. In the city, when oranges blossom, the city is like washed

with orange parfume. Colorful flowers adorn the edges of the road in all seasons. Caves are on the both the land and sea. The caves are amazing, mysterious, healing. The sun is life. Alanya is always the location of sun.

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