The world’s largest aquarium sea life aquarium

The world’s largest aquarium sea life aquarium A great place to dive into the submarine world .. Istanbul SEA LIFE Aquarium! There are more than 15 thousand live in the aquarium, but here is made and be able to be seen not just about fish. If you come to the time of the nutrition, you can watch the feeding of the sharks, do a little shopping for the underwater world, watch divers show under water or dive with sharks.


Istanbul SEA LIFE opened its doors at Forum Istanbul Shopping and Life Center on January 21st. SEA LIFE provides the best conditions for sea life, 21 area with 47 exhibition tanks, 83 meter long ocean tunnel, ocean room with 270 degree panoramic view and more than 15.000 sea livings, the largest aquarium in Europe.


Sea Life aquarium visitors from the ocean colorful tropical fish, giant sharks, when he opened his arms a child’s height is equal to 10-year-old giant Japanese spider crab and thousands more can see the sea creatures. Sea Life Aquarium located in a football field that can go hiking in Istanbul’s longest tunnel in the ocean, visitors are able to navigate through the length of the species they’ve never seen.




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